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Subfamily Megasoleninae
MANTER, H. W. 1935 - The Structure and Taxonomic Position of Megasolena estrix Linton 1910 (Trematoda) with Notes on Related Trematodes
"1. Megasolena estrix Linton 1910 has been incorrectly classified in the Allocreadiidae.
2. The possession of two pairs of longitudinal lymph vessels, a remarkable hermaphroditic sac as well as other minor characters indicate relationship to the Paramphistomidae.
3. Hapladena Linton 1910 possesses these same characters and is considered related to Megasolena.
4. These characters are considered to be of more fundamental taxonomic value than the position of the acetabulum.
5. A new subfamily, Megasoleninae, of the family Opistholebetidae is named and described.

(Received February 22 1935)
1 Studies from the Zoological Laboratories, the University of Nebraska, No. 180

The majority of collections of Megasoleninae are recorded from fishes typical of reef habitats. However, Member species of the subfamily Megasoleninae occur and are reported from the Gulf of Mexico (Overstreet, Cook & Heard Gulf of Mexico Origin, Waters, and Biota).

Research Efforts in Megasoleninae at GCRL

The presence of Megasoleninae trematodes in Archosargus probatocephalus (Walbaum 1782) (Sheepshead) is a research problem having significance to zoogeography as well as taxonomy. The Sheepshead has a mouth conformation and in part feeding habits that mimic those of fishes more closely tied to reef habitats. Sheepshead are a year-round resident fish in the nearshore environs along the Gulf Coast, and figure prominently in the sport fishery. Elucidation of common factors of life cycle between those trematode species dependent upon Sheepshead, and those tied to fishes confined to reef habitat, will permit a comparison of factors that measure degrees of affinity between taxonomic entities of Megasoleninae.


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