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Zoogeography in Haploporids

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There are two intriguing study topics concerning the Haploporidae. The first is the evolution of displayed parasite host specificity. The second, inseparable from the first, is the evolutionary events now reflected in the present distribution around the globe. The term ZOOGEOGRAPHY encompasses the whole of this field of research.

The clickable link Zoogeography enables the presentation of a 37-panel slideshow detailing an examination of the theoretical possibilities accounting for the evolution and distribution of species of Haploporidae. Each slide is in view for ten (10) seconds. The viewer may terminate the slide show at any point by use of the "back arrow" of the Internet browser to return to the panel to which the slideshow is linked. Each panel is displayed at 1050x800 pixels, and is so sized to display without distortion on almost all viewing screens. Only very old monitors, or those set to a coarse resolution for some special need, will not be presented with fidelity. An alternate display size presentation of 800x600 pixels is available at this linked location:
Zoogeography at 800X600 Pixels.


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