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Haploporid Fish Hosts
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Discoveries of the unusual inside the usual continue to emerge from investigations by scientists of the Parasitology Division of the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory. The presence of a new species in the white crappie, Pomoxis annulatus, was reported IN 2009. In 2010, a new digenean of the genus Paramacroderoides was recovered from the Spotted Gar, Lepisosteus oculatus, in the Pascagoula River in southern Mississippi.

Haploporid Trematodes Sorted by Family & Host

Haploporid Trematodes Sympatric Hosts

In 2011, there have been other discoveries, now in press, from common and ubiquitous fishes distributed across the United States and recorded in Mississippi hosts for the first time. The importance of this information is that knowledge of habitat and host biology, rigid adherrance to sound scientific methodology, and the willingness to work hard for material instead of just "picking the low-hanging fruit" will continue to illuminate new facets of parasite ecology in the coastal swamps, rivers, and Gulf waters for years into the future.


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